Brilliant Fundraising Ideas for Youth Sports Teams

Brilliant Fundraising Ideas for Youth Sports Teams

It is no secret that, as a coach, you will oftentimes have to raise money for your youth sports teams. Whether it is for booking expensive venues or getting your hands on new equipment, funds will always be the issue. But how would you go about getting the money? It's not like you can just directly ask the parents for donations, since it will make you look bad and damage the team’s morale.

The best way to fix financial problems, in this case, is to organize fundraisers. However, you need to make sure they are appealing and that people get to love them. Here are some of the best ideas that will surely get your youth sports teams the funding they need:

1. Organize a raffle

Let's face it: People love raffles. It's mostly because it gives them the sense of accomplishment that they are making a good donation, while at the same time rewarding them with potentially great items. Talk it over with your advisors and see what kind of items should be placed in the raffle. They shouldn't be too expensive, but at the same time they shouldn't be too cheap either. Think books or cost-efficient PC peripheral devices

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You can also ask the members of your youth sports teams to chip in with any items they no longer need. This way, you might even save some money. Plus, the kids will be happy to help because it will help the team.

Remember to place the items in sealed boxes so that people don't see which items are in which box. However, you need to provide the participants with a list of items to get them in the right mood.

2. An auction is also a good idea

This is a great way of engaging the community. Organize an event and auction off the opportunity to be a bat boy/girl or goal keeper for your youth sports teams during a game. Not only can you raise money from the auctions, but you can also charge a small entrance fee and put together a stand for team-related merchandise.

The only thing you need to ensure is that the boys or girls who win the auction will not play the position in an important game, since it's too risky. Try to organize some practice time or a friendly match with one of the other local teams.

3. Try your chances online One of the perks of coaching youth sports teams is that you have access to your team's mailing list, including both team members and their parents. This way, you can set up an online fundraiser on pages like GoFundMe and share it with the people on the mailing list. But why stop there? You can also share the online fundraiser on social media websites to get more attention and, potentially, more money.

This way, even distant relatives of your team members, who otherwise couldn't make it to a fundraiser, could donate a few bucks to the cause to help out.

Money is not the only thing you will need when coaching youth sports teams

You also need to properly manage your time and organize your team. This is where we can help make everything easier for you. Don't hesitate to check out our list of team management software products and see which one would best fit your needs. You will definitely find something to your liking.