How Involved Should Parents Be When it Comes to Their Sports Club??

How Involved Should Parents Be When it Comes to Their Sports Club??

You’ve enrolled your kid in the sports club, you've searched for some time now, and you think that all of your concerns must go away now. In reality, you must ask yourself how much you should be involved in their activities.

Bad parent’s behavior

Sports has a lot of benefits for your kid, aside from those that refer to the physical development. Playing a sport also helps kids with their cognitive, academic, psychological, social, and character development.

Kids are kids, so all they want is to have fun. They don't focus on winning. Most of the time it's the parents that push them to think this way and ruin their experience.

You probably know or have seen those parents that stay on the sideline during a game at the sports club and are tense, they gesticulate, you can feel them stressing out. It's natural for the parents to want for their kids to be the winner because the parent will identify with the accomplishment of his kid.

Who influences your kid's sports career?

Parents have the biggest influence on their kid's sports club activity. Young children rely so much not only on their coach’s feedback, but on their parents as well, and it can affect their emotional, cognitive, and physical state.

The verbal reactions a parent can have towards their kid can turn from supportive to controlling. Parents don't even realize when this happens and when their comments turn from positive to negative.

As you would have imagined it, positive comments lead to a better performance for their kids. At the same time, if the parents show that they have a supportive behavior towards their kid, they will be more likely to come to them whenever they are feeling insecure, stressed out, or nervous about a certain event.

Fear of failure is one of the most common negative feelings experienced by adolescents nowadays, and it is mostly due to the fact that parents, in their kids early years, have contributed to this, by expressing themselves in negative ways.

How involved should parents be in their kid’s sports club activities?