How to Convince Your Kid to Try Out For Sports

How to Convince Your Kid to Try Out For Sports

You want to be a good parent, and have an active kid. We all know how important sport is in our life, and that it's best to start practicing it in our childhood. Now that your kids are the appropriate age to try out for sports, you're probably thinking how you can convince them to do it.

We, as adults, know how many benefits working out can bring for our body and mind, but a kid might not quite understand this. The trick is to find the right approach.

Emphasize the fact that they're going to have fun

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Adults are more focused on competition, and on winning, even in sports. But the thing is, kids don't care about any of this stuff, and you shouldn't try to insert this thought into their minds.

Instead, tell them that sports is fun, and that they will have a blast. What kid doesn't want to have a

good time?

Often at times, kids don't want to try out for sports because they think of it as a burden, and they'd much rather prefer watching TV, or playing a video game. But those are loner activities. This brings us on to the next step.

Tell them that they're going to make a lot of new friends

Kids take any opportunity they get to make new friends. They won't care about the fact that sports will make them healthier, or any of that stuff grown ups are more interested about.

Even though in most sports there are teams that are competing against each other, friendship is encouraged, and very much appreciated. Otherwise, there would only be tension between the kids, which will not help them in playing in a sports team.

Kids are excited when they're meeting new people, especially children their age, and it's going to be so much easier for them to become friends when they have something in common already.

Show them how sports is very much like any other game they play

Think about it. Every sport has its own rules; it can be played with multiple people, either in one group, or with two opponents, and it's about having fun. The only difference is that they have to put physical effort into it.

Other than that, sport is just like a game, which is played on a much bigger field, and with more team mates. Plus, you know how kids love be out a lot? Well, if they play some kind of sport, they might end up doing that, which they'll totally love.

Explain to them that they have nothing to lose if they try out for sports

Try not to make a big case out of it. I'm sure that it's important for you that they play some kind of sport, but if they don't feel like it, don't push them to do something they don't want to.

At the same time, tell them that they should at least try it, and if they don't like it, then it's fine. On the bright side, they might actually enjoy it, and become very good at it.

Let them know they have your full support

Lastly, no matter what happens, your kid should always know that he has your full support. What are your tips and tricks to convince your kids to try out for sports? Let me know down in the comments.