How to Keep Kids From Getting Distracted During a Soccer Practice

How to Keep Kids From Getting Distracted During a Soccer Practice

Children don't have a big attention span like adults do because their brain is not developed enough yet. They usually pay attention for only a few minutes before something else gets their interest.

Coaches have to be involved with kids during soccer practice in order for them to make any progress.

Here is how you can keep kids from getting distracted during a soccer practice

1. Give them attention. Make sure that you have enough assistants to help you keep a close eye on the kids. Children are suckers for attention and if they see that nobody cares about them, they'll stop doing whatever they were supposed to do.

2. Keep them active at all times. Kids are at a soccer practice for a reason: to be active and to consume all their energy. They love to run around until they get tired. A kid that is not active will focus his attention on something else, so make sure they are involved in the activities.

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3. Be innovative. Think about new ways to mix things up in order to engage the kids during practice time. Warming up, stretching or learning new techniques doesn't have to be boring and you don't have to explain them as you would to an adult. Make up stories, use characters and relate to things that the kids enjoy.

4. Divide the practice time into short sections. Kids' short attentions spans requires the soccer practice to have short and focused lessons. They don't really need 50 minutes to learn a new techniques or 50 minutes to play. It's just too much for them. By creating short sections throughout the practice, you will have the kids' full attention and you will increase the interactivity between you and them.

5. Show them more, explain them less. We don't mean that you don't have to explain a certain trick, but try not to talk about it too much. Showing them how a certain technique works is much more helpful for them. Afterwards, it will be easier for them to mimic what you just did and learn the new trick in no time.

6. Let them have fun. At the end of each practice you should let the kids do their own thing, so that they'll associate soccer practice with having fun as well. Let them be silly, fool around and play with the ball. You will see how much energy they have in them and you'll also be able to spot excitement on their face.

7. Make it interactive. Get actively involved in the kids' soccer practice. Dribble with them across the field. Try forming pairs of two to make it more fun and competitive. From time to time, you can even choose a theme for the practice and tell the kids to dress up like their favorite characters from a cartoon or a movie.

Sports equals fun.

Sports is not meant to stress the kids. It's quite the opposite. They come to practice to release all of their energy and to have fun. If you follow the tips we mentioned above soccer practice is never going to be boring again for them.

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