How To Spice Up Soccer Practice And Make It More Fun

How To Spice Up Soccer Practice And Make It More Fun

Some kids are not that excited when it comes to practice time because for them, it's not fun. Even though soccer practice is meant to prepare the team for upcoming games, the element of "fun" should not be overlooked since it can make the biggest difference in the kids' overall performance.

Believe it or not, "fun" and "practice" really do go together, and it can motivate the kids at the same time. The thing is, many coaches make the mistake of thinking that our minds work the same as children's.

Here are some tips to make soccer practice more fun for the kids.


  1. Fast Pace Works Better With Kids

If they didn't have something else to do during the day, kids would want to run around all day. They love being active and get bored easily if they are not given an activity.

Essentially, the most important tip is to keep the kids engaged at all times and give them something to do. If they are doing something at all times, time will pass faster for them.

  1. Make Your Plan Flexible

It's a good idea to make a plan no matter what, but you also have to adjust if necessary. Having a plan beforehand will help you and the kids have a direction for the soccer practice.

With each practice, establish some objectives and complete them by the end of it.

  1. Encourage Children To Socialize & Communicate

Soccer is meant to be a social sport, so encourage the kids to communicate with each other. They can even do it during the warm up session.

If you let the kids talk to each other at the beginning of soccer practice, they will not be as tempted to talk during practice, when they'll need to pay attention to what they have to do.

  1. Incorporate Fun Drills

A little competition never hurt anyone. You should include drills in every practice. The good thing about them is that you can use drills in so many different ways and change it up according to how the kids are behaving.

They also have plenty of benefits: they are fast-paced, keep the kids moving and inspire motivation. By doing this, you're incorporating fun into daily practice.

  1. Use Themes For Practices

It would be a lot of work to choose a theme for every practice, but at least once a month you could try to come up with a fun idea you could implement for a soccer practice.

For example, Halloween can be a great idea for a theme practice, or any holiday for that matter. The success in finding the right theme idea is to think of something that would relate to the kids. Then, the practice can be organized around the theme, which will make it even more exciting.


Soccer Practice Will Never Be Boring

These tips will help you create more fun practices for the kids and at the same time they will be more motivated to come to practice.You can't expect them to work hard and get results without some fun. Apply these ideas, and let us know how it went for you.




[ Photo credits: Cedar Beauregard's Flickr ]