How to tell when your child is not suited for a certain sport

How to tell when your child is not suited for a certain sport

There are many signs to help you determine when your child is not suited for a certain sport.

Sports activities are an avenue for development and growth. It's a setting where children can challenge themselves, learn to work in a team setting, and discover new things about themselves as well as others. However, sometimes a child is just not cut out to play certain sports.

Here are some signs to help determine whether your child is not suited for a certain sport.




When children are in an environment in which they aren't comfortable, often they will isolate themselves from everyone. This could be a sign of discomfort or distress. Especially watch for instances where the coach and/or team members make an effort to include your child and they continue to remain separate.



If not led properly, stronger personalities can lead the entire team to exclude certain team members. This happens especially in children who are shy, introverted, or challenged in their athletic abilities.



Another sign that your child is not suited for a certain sport is if they convey little to no excitement during practices and games. Children will often sign up to play a particular sport because their mom or dad played it when they were young, or they have a friend or neighbor who really likes that sport. So, they sign up only for this reason, but when they begin playing they don't develop an interest or a passion for the game at all.


Poor Sportsmanship

Some sports are high-contact activities, such as basketball, football and soccer. Not all children are able to handle the high amounts of rough physical contact. For some kids, their feelings can be hurt very easily, so if they're bumped or knocked down it hurts their feelings, embarrasses them or causes them to lash out. In other cases, the physical contact gives them such a high surge of adrenaline that they fight back physically or throw a fit.


Frequent Injury

When a child appears to have repeated injuries, especially during games so that they're pulled out, this can indicate that the child, for either physical or emotional reasons, cannot handle the game. In some instances, kids often 'milk' their injuries as long as possible to avoid getting back in the game.


Lack of Attention

Sometimes kids will 'check out' during practices and games. If the sport isn't particularly stimulating for them, they become bored quickly and therefore their mind isn't in the game. This will cause them to mess up on plays, not perform well and perhaps even develop a negative opinion of all sports.


No Improvement

When a child's skills don't show improvement after a reasonable amount of time, this is a clear indicator that they're just not suited for a certain sport. Nothing is more heartbreaking, for the child as well as the parent, than watching them struggle repeatedly and seeing no improvement.



If your child is relatively relaxed during practices but becomes excessively nervous before games, this is a sign of emotional distress. Either there's something during games that triggers this anxiety, or the child just isn't ready to handle the stress of playing that particular sport yet.

The most important aspect of children's sports is to provide an environment where they can learn, push themselves, be part of a team and have fun. When a child is not suited for a certain sport, none of these things will occur.

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