Making all your contacts count when starting a fundraising campaign

Making all your contacts count when starting a fundraising campaign

Who are those contacts? Where do I find them?

The people you already know are your best supporters. Business partners, friends, neighbors - almost everyone can help you build a strong fundraising campaign. During this process, you will definitely need all the help you can get, and from the best people out there.

I would say that probably the most important part of a campaign is planning. And with planning comes a lot of work. After you're done with planning, you'll have to get to work, and actually start developing your campaign.


You can't do it all on your own, you're no Superman

To start working on your campaign, you will need various people who have different skills. As much as we'd love to, we can't do it all, nor will we ever be amazing at everything. Instead, we can find people that will do these things for us, people we already know, we've already met. Even though we're not best friends with them, we still know a little bit of something about them that will help us figure out how they can help you in your fundraising campaign.

It's natural to trust people who you're already in contact with. At the same time, they will also be more willing to help you.


Establishing a genuine relationship with your contacts

Don't be two faced, and ask people you haven't seen in a long time to help just like that. First, you have to build a connection with them, and offer them something in return. Chances are that if you're looking out just for your own interest, nobody will be willing to help you.

Depending on who your contact is, think of what should they get in return for helping you. What they'd really like to get.

At the same time, having your contacts help you will not only be reduced to simply developing the fundraising campaign. They will also serve as a promotion engine for spreading the word about your campaign. This is a great thing, because since many different people share this news in different environments, you will have the certainty that the message will reach more people.


Your contacts will make your fundraising campaign shine

If your contacts are not only supporting and helping you, but they also believe in your campaign, they could also donate for it. When outside people see that money is given towards a certain fundraising campaign, they will be more likely to do the same. They will think that if other people have done it, then it's trust worthy, and they should do it too. This happens especially if the person that donates is someone they know.