Preventing bullying and promoting a positive energy for the club

Preventing bullying and promoting a positive energy for the club

Bullying often starts at an early age and it can have devastating effects on the person who is bullied. It can be verbal, physical, or emotional. Young children will most likely adopt this behavior when they're in a group and when they are also encouraged by others.


The responsibility of a sports club when it comes to preventing bullying

Every sports club should have a policy and rules about preventing bullying, and it should apply these rules when a situation occurs.

First of all, parents should be informed about this policy, because they are the persons responsible for their kids. Also, they are the first ones to be notified if their kid had any inappropriate behavior.

If any incident occurs, it needs to be discussed with the parent or the child’s guardian. After that, they will need to take some action and formulate an agreement as to what should be done next.

At the same time, the sports club shouldn't neglect the parents because they are equally important in this type of situations. The club needs to be able to provide them all the information they need in order to be able to cope with bullying.

Some parents may feel overwhelmed, they probably won't have any idea how to deal with their child’s behavior, and they would definitely need some type of guidance and support.


Kids should be protected from bullying

Kids are innocent and they shouldn't have go through bullying, especially when all they want to do is have some fun while they're playing their favorite sport.

In its nature, a sports club is a positive environment where kids need to be safe. It's also a great place for kids to be part of a team, learn new skills, or just feel like they're supported by someone.

If a kid is enrolled in a sports club, the coaches need to respect his right to be part of it and they have to make sure they provide a safe environment for him where they can develop.

In preventing bullying, it's important that there are established some rules in regards to what is being qualified as an unacceptable behavior.

Bullying should not be accepted in a sports club and it needs to be taken into consideration the fact that kids are not the only ones who can be the bullies, but the coaches as well.


The bullied are victims and they should receive support

Kids who are bullied should be listened to whenever they feel like they want to talk with somebody.

The last thing a sports club would want to do is to close their eyes to this problem and to let it aggravate. The sports club should be full of positive energy so that it becomes one of the places a kid would enjoy coming back to.

Have you ever experienced cases of bullying at you sports club? If so, what did you do? Is preventing bullying an important part of your club's policy? Let me know down in the comments.