Training Your team to Challenge Itself (1)

Training Your team to Challenge Itself (1)

A team needs constant motivation, and this can only come from the leader. You, as a leader, are the one responsible for how well your sports team is performing. Sports is all about communication and teamwork.

Challenging your team is crucial for its success

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Training your team to challenge itself is a big part of this process. But first, you need to find motivation to do all these things. The way a leader feels and acts will affect the whole team, whether he realizes it or not.

Many times, leaders have the tendency to take all the responsibilities upon them, and take the blame for what is going wrong. By doing that, the team will not be challenged to fully engage in practices, or even in actual games.

Leaders should put themselves in the shoes of their team members

Motivation is very important when it comes to challenging your team. Think about it. You probably know what your team is going through at practices or before a big game. Show your team members that you care about them, that you know how they're feeling. It will be better for them if they know their leader is bringing a good vibe for the team.

The truth is, we all want to be challenged when we're part of a team. We want to feel like we're doing something that matters.

Training your team to be challenged will give them the courage to speak for themselves. In teams where the leader is too authoritative, the team members are most likely afraid to say what they think about. Encourage them to come up with ideas for the next game strategy. Maybe one team player's strategy could be better than yours.

Leaders are a big influence to their team

When you, as a leader, get excited about a new game, they get excited as well. When you speak, you're sending them your positive energy.

Encourage your team as often as you can. When they achieve something, like winning a very important game, when someone comes up with an amazing strategy idea for the next game, congratulate them, and encourage them to keep up the good work. Let them know that you believe in them.

Motivation will bring your team the confidence they need to express themselves. This means that freedom of expression is one of the greatest things you can give them.

A team that is not feeling constrained, will also make them better players. Sometimes, they will know better if something doesn't feel right in their game play. Listen to their opinions, and to their arguments.

Training your team to challenge itself means investing in it

You want your team to be the best, you want results. Challenging your team means pushing it to the limits. but there are no limits. It's just a mindset. A mindset that you have the power to change.

One of the best parts of being a leader is having the power to inspire others, to watch them grow because of how you trained them. Do you challenge your team enough? Is training your team to challenge itself something you've done in the past?