What sport should my kid play

What sport should my kid play

Sports are very important when it comes to child development. But with so many sports clubs out there, it's hard to decide what is the most suitable one for your child. It's natural you want to find one your kid will enjoy, rather than making a random decision.

Do not rush to enroll your kid in the closest sports club from home. Instead, give this article a good read, and afterwards feel free to do your research in order to find the best one, which will help your kid have an amazing time, while he/she develops his/her skills.

Here is what you need to look for when searching for a club.



You may be wondering why accreditation is important. If a sports club is accredited, it means that the club is safe for your kid, it delivers its promises, and is friendly for all its members.

There is some criteria the club has to meet before it receives accreditation. Criteria may depend on the region, but would generally include checking up on the coaches, on the volunteers, making sure there are enough qualified coaches, and that there's also a format that they follow.

If you're not sure whether the sports club is accredited or not, just ask the coaches, or the person who's in charge of the club.


Highly-trained coaches

If you decided to enroll your kid into a club, then I recommend finding out more about their coaches. You want them to be capable of organizing the kids into groups, and motivating them.

This happens when they're just beginners, but after they become more advanced, the coaches have to help your kid develop new skills. Kids get bored really easily, so the coaches have to be someone who knows how to change the training routines.


Pay attention to big clubs

You may feel tempted to choose a big sports club for your kid, but it doesn't mean it will necessarily be better. Most of the time in big clubs, the kids that are the most talented receive all of the attention, and the other ones are left out.

Do a little bit of research beforehand to find out whether your kid will be equally treated as the other kids, no matter how experimented they are or not


Your kid should have fun

Kids don't really take things too seriously. Their main goal when joining a sports club is to have fun, meet new kids, and interact with them.

Choose a club where it's not all about winning, about who was the best team, and so on. These attitudes will lead to conflict, so they must be avoided.


Don't rush in picking out a sports club

Take your time to explore more than one club before you make your decision. You can even spend an hour during a practice to see how the coaches are interacting with the kids. Also, if the coaches are nice with you, then it's probably a good sign. But if they rush you out, then they probably won't be nice with your kid as well.

What do you look for when you're searching for a sports club for your kid? Do you follow any of the advice above?




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